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The Great Budda and the Grave of Funikoshi

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The Great Budda Kamakura. This is a bronze statue cast in 1252 A.D. It is 13.35 metres tall and weighs 121 tons
Trees at the entrance to the cemetry where Funakoshi is buried
The Grave of Gichin Funakoshi,
A wooden building resting on stones - Earhquake proof!

The monk in the picture took us to the grave, washed it and placed flowers on it. He did this because we came to specifically see this grave.

The grave close up.
The monk.

On the way back Jim Rafferty and Harry drop into a sushi bar (in Gotanda) for some sashimi (raw fish!). We will go back!

This is what we ate! Exactly as it is photographed. Actually it was very good (the white fish in the foreground took a bit of swallowing though!).
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