Wrekin Shotokan Karate Club

Harry (aka Mark Harris) - 3rd Dan (Kancho Kanazawa) - Qualified First Aider.

Harry started training in 1985 under Sensei Ken Davies (6th Dan) in Milton Keynes, being graded up to 1st Kyu by Hanshi Shiro Asano in 1989. "In those early days with few responsibilities and working 9-5 Karate was a real pleasure and a welcome distraction to an emerging career, and as in all good Karate clubs lifelong friends were made."

Hanshi & Ken

Hanshi Shiro Asano (9th Dan) & Sensei Ken Davies (7th Dan) at Ken's Milton Keynes Dojo

The next ten years for Harry were typical of many Karateka, involving new jobs, family and moving to new areas resulting in drifting between clubs and infrequent training until finding a good club (WSKC) and under excellant instruction from Tony Atherden settled down to regular training again. Harry graded to Shodan under Kancho Kanazawa in 2003.

"With the later pressures of life, family, jobs etc.. Karate has again become a great pleasure, this time as a welcome get away from all the responsibilities, as well as making good friends and enjoying a good club atmosphere, and it certainly helps keep aging bones young!"

Nidan followed in 2005 and Sandan in 2009, again under Kancho.

Harry instructs at two clubs as assistant instructor (http://www.atarukarate.com) and updates the WSKC webpages reguarly.

Instructors, past & present

Tony Atherden (SKIF) - Renshi

Ken Davies (SKIF)

Otto Blank (KUGB/JKA)

Roger Carpenter (SKIF)
Hirokazu Kanazawa, SKIF - Kancho
Shiro Asano, SKI(GB) - Hanchi
Manabu Murakami, SKIF
Nobuaki Kanazawa, SKIF
Ryusho Suzuki, SKIF
Daizo Kanazawa, SKIF
Norifumi Ohigashi, SKIF
Bob Pointon (KUGB/JKA)

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